Interactive Audio and Video Commercials

Interactive advertisng are paid and unpaid presentations and promotions of products, services and ideas by an identified sponsor through mediated means involving mutual action between consumers and producers. The goals of interactive advertising are usually akin to the traditional objectives of advertising, i.e. to sell a product. This in turn means that many of the traditional elements of advertising impact and effectiveness remain relevant, even within the scope of interactive media. Advert types also interact with the user's motives to influence outcomes, or consumer responses, reinforcing the need for Interactive Advertising as a means of persuading potential consumers and target audiences.

What is a AVMercial?

They are defined as "audio and video advertising content that appear in direct response to a predefined or defined criteria leading to one or more calls for action". AVmercials can be displayed as banners, in search results, within media content such as movies or music, contextually utilizing the context of a webpage or keywords, in display monitors or billboeards among other means of display. The difference between a commercial and a AVMercial is that a commercial is intended for branding purposes and brand retention and does not call or provide a call for action, whereas a AVMercial, on the other hand, is requested by a defined or predefined criteria and leads to a call for action. A AVMercial can be audio or video and is represented in text, image, audio or video or any combination of the same.